Decorating a Cardboard Box Step by Step

If there’s one thing you have probably have laying around in great quantities, it’s cardboard boxes and empty containers.  It’s such a shame to throw them out but what on earth do you use all of them for?  Decorating them is probably my favorite way to repurpose old, weird-looking cardboard boxes into new, trendy and chique storage units.   Here is a step-by-step of a decorating project that I have put together just for y’all-


What you Will Need for Success:

  • cardboard boxes, of course.  Ones with lids are all the better.
  • any kind of wrapping paper (from brown kraft paper to colored paper to paper with designs on it)
  •  tape (double-sided is recommended)
  • scissors
  •  ruler

Step One:

  • If you are using a round box, measure the distance from top to bottom and then all the way around.  Cut the paper one inch wider, and three inches longer, than necessary so you can fold down the cut edges.  Apply double stick tape to the top and bottom of the round box.  If you do a row in the middle you risk puckering.  Carefully lay the paper down along the tape.  When you go to the end trim some excess and then fold down that edge, too.  Use the double-sided tape from top to bottom


  • If you are doing a square box, lay the on top of the wrapping paper.  Trace the edges.  Measure how deep the lid is and then add a couple inches for allowance.  Use the ruler to trace this distance all the way around the other square that you traced.


Step Two:

Cut out your template.  You are now going to wrap the lid like you would wrap a package, folding and tucking to make tight sides and folds.  You should be have enough paper to be able to wrap to the inside of the lid.  You obviously don’t even have to go all the way to the bottom of the inside of the lid, or fold the edges (unless you are feeling particularly OCD).


Step Three:

Use double stick tape all along the edges on the inside of the lid.  Do all of this all over again to the bottom of the half of the box.  Try using a different colored paper that compliments the wrapping on the lid.  Maybe use a design for the lid and a solid color for the bottom, or vice versa.


You can even by sticker, labeling placards from your local craft store that would really make this project look official.