Great Places to Find Free Moving Boxes

When factoring in moving costs, you probably are thinking of the obvious stuff, such as renting a mover, apartment deposit, and maybe some cleaning and furniture.  But, one of the big things that you’ll need are boxes, and they can run a pretty penny. But, you could actually save money and recycle by finding some free moving boxes, and we’ll tell you where.

First are office supply stores, since they have sturdy boxes with lots of packing material, and the store won’t reuse them.  You should ask for printer or copier boxes since they’re perfect for moving everything, and many already have a lid, so you just need to use tape.

Bookstores are the next. They have to be strong, not just because books are heavy, but because usually, they get shipments.  Usually, if you live in a major city, they’ll have lots of boxes, so ask the stores around for free cardboard boxes.

Bars and restaurants, or even liquor stores are the next.  They need veggies, liquor, canned items, and other ingredients delivered.  They need to have strong boxes, and liquor boxes are great for plants, clothes, toiletries, and other things that don’t need to be sealed since they tend not to have tops on them.  Now, they may smell like food, but that’s a small price to pay for getting some free boxes.

Grocery stores are the same thing.  If you do show up the day of the shipments, you’re in for a jackpot of boxes.  Banana and apple boxes are good because they’re big, but have gaps to breathe.

If you live anywhere near a pharmacy, you should first ask when their biggest shipment is, and you should plan to go out and arrive that day.  You tell them that you’re looking for boxes, saving them the trouble of breaking down and preventing you from having to take the time to pack them.  You can stack the small into medium, and then medium to large to take more boxes to the car.

With liquor store boxes, chances are you’ll need to make sure that you use them creatively, and you may need to make lids.  Six-pack cases are good too, but they’re not that sturdy.

Finally, home improvement stores.  They usually have lots of these, but because of the nature of these stores, it’s harder. Locally-owned hardware stores are often better, and they’ll gladly give you boxes for you to take.

Freecycle and craigslist, Uhaul Box Exchange, any home Goods or toy stores, and recycling centers are also good options, but you may not be as lucky and you might have to dig in order to find these.

If you do need to buy boxes, or you need a specialized one, go through either the moving company, a Uhaul, the UPS store, online with retailers, or home improvement stores.  You don’t want to spend too much here.

Finding free small Cardboard boxes is always good, and here, we told you how to do it easily, and without too many issues.  Do use this if you don’t feel like buying boxes again.